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Help us communicate and engage on the Internet

Executive summary: visit and/or subscribe to our website, facebook page and youtube channel to be informed and promote our ministry.

We view Trinity’s digital communication as an opportunity to inform and interact with those who call Trinity home and to engage and edify those who don’t. We’d like to offer as many avenues of communication and engagement as possible, but we need your help to make these things effective.

Here are Trinity’s main communication tools, with some suggestions on how you can help us be effective with each:

(1) The website ( Last year we did a major overhaul of the website, and we’re really happy with the result – it is easier to add good content than ever before. However, we still need content providers – if you regularly or occasionally have information an event, group, or activity at Trinity, we can use it on the site. Contact Bob DeGray or Doug Breaux to get started .

We’d love to have you visit the new site daily – we update content almost that often. But if that doesn’t fit your internet habits, you might try a new feature we’ve just added: e-mail updates. We just installed a little widget in the sidebar of the main page which will allow you to receive e-mails with all the updated content from the past twenty-four hours. If you’re an e-mail person, this might be just the thing for you!

(2) The Facebook page: most of the web site content is posted as links on the Facebook page. However, even if you ‘like’ the page, you can’t be sure that our content will appear in your newsfeed. One way to improve this is to not only like the page, but hover over the like button and check ‘show in news feed’ and ‘get notifications.’ Another way is to ‘like’ individual stories or links on the page.

(3) The Youtube page: many of the links on the website and the facebook page take you to videos on our Youtube page. From each individual video, you can get to our channel by clicking on ‘rjdegray’ or the Trinity logo. We currently have more than 80 videos on the channel, and in the four years since we started putting up videos, we have had over 45,000 hits. More than half of those were in the last twelve months. As the graphic below shows, most of our top ten videos are music and lyric videos we have created. One of these videos, ‘The Lord’s my Shepherd’ by Stuart Townend has had nearly 3000 views since we put it up on November 2, 2012.

We believe that the solid content of our music videos (and the sermon videos) can be a real ministry in the hearts and lives of believers and un-believers. You can help to make these videos more visible by subscribing to the channel or liking and commenting on the videos.

(4) E-mail. Many of you are on our prayer, missions and news lists. This continues to be a good way to get information, especially prayer requests. If you want to sign up for a list you aren’t on, send a request to Bob DeGray, Iva Foster or Frank Kittle.

(5) Texts. This is something new – we are seriously considering using a group text app to send the most urgent prayer chains and immediate event announcements to those who don’t regularly check e-mail or the web. If you are interested in this, please let Bob know.

So what have we said? We’re really trying to inform and interact with the Trinity family and to engage and encourage a wider audience. But we need you to pursue some or all of this, for your own edification and in order to engage others.