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Heart Prep for Sunday, January 13th

The text this week is Isaiah 6:1-13, where Isaiah sees the Lord, experiences His holiness, and is commissioned to take God’s word to a desperate nation. The worship will focus first on the holiness of God and then on the sending of his people.

Worship – 1st Segment:
Holy, Holy, Holy

Isaiah 6:1-4
Psalm 99:1-5
Isaiah 40:25-26
Revelation 4:1-8

I See the Lord

Therefore With Angels (Sursum Corda) – This Kemper Crabb song isn’t really available anywhere!

Glory Will Cover the Earth

Send Me – Twila Paris – Worship Team

Worship – 2nd Segment:
So Send I You

Faithful Men

O Zion Haste

All Around the World

So Send I You