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Family Promise Update

Family Promise Update
Our first week of ministry with Family Promise is only a few days away, and most everything seems to be falling into place. Here’s a rundown of what we’re working on and a few new or unmet needs that you might consider helping with:

– Cleaning: on Saturday (December 15th, 9:00 a.m. to noon) we would like a few people to help us with some extra cleaning of the church: cleaning the kitchen and refrigerators; deep cleaning the bathrooms and making them a little more ‘family friendly’; cleaning the bedrooms and getting them organized for the beds.

– Setup: we expect the beds to be delivered around 2:30 Sunday afternoon (December 16th). We already have a few people planning to be here to help with set-up and getting the room ready, but we could use a few more!

– Blankets: We’ve done really well at getting donations for sheets, but we still need a number of blankets. If you can donate a blanket, donate funds for a blanket, or loan us a clean twin size blanket. Because it’s supposed to be modestly cold next week, we’re hoping to provide two blankets per bed, so the loaners will be important.

– Helping / Observing: we’ve done well at staffing these evening times, but we could still use some folks for the Thursday evening shift. Also, if you are signed up for one of these (see below), we’ve been told that it would be fine to bring your family with you.

– Overnights: we don’t have as many overnight volunteers as we’d like. If you can stay over some weeknight, that would be great.
Here’s the current grid of (Trinity) volunteers. Several of you gave options regarding your availability, so this grid shows which spot you’ve been given. Remember that we’re really only providing help to the Family Promise churches that will be doing the bulk of the work and all the meals.

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