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Winkler Small Group

We will be alternating between extended prayer & share evenings and group studies.
There are several fellowship-type events to coordinate with church-wide events that fall on our meeting dates.

Small Group times begin with dinner fellowship around 5pm on Saturdays.
Prayer and share or studies with discussion are approximately from 6p – 8:30p.  That may sound like a long time, but start time has varied greatly and we have been giving attendees ample time for sharing.

We frequently split up into gender groups as smaller groups can give more time to each attendee and may better understand each other’s needs.

Our new study is by Norm Wakefield.  Ladies will be studying Equipped to Love (book) and men will be studying Equipping Men DVD study – 11 DVDs, which includes ‘Equipped to Love’.  Teens are welcome to join the adults in these studies on how we can grow to love and lead more like God does.

Children are welcome.