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The New Shape of L.I.F.E.

(updated: date of event planning meeting fixed!)

We are thrilled to announce some changes to the L.I.F.E program, Trinity’s youth group for Junior High and Senior High ages. We are prayerfully confident that these changes will make the program more effective in the nurture of mature young believers.

At the beginning of the past summer (2012) the sponsors of the youth group looked over their schedules and commitments and concluded that there was no good way to continue weekly meetings in the summer months. A few events were planned, but there was to be no major program.

Then a few of the young adults, primarily college age folks who had themselves been involved in L.I.F.E., decided that since the youth group was not meeting, they would hold a Bible study for anyone who was interested. The key leaders of this initiative were Elijah Jackson and Leslie Maier, and the study was held at Leslie’s parent’s house. To their joy, the meetings were well attended and included many of the youth who were active in L.I.F.E.

The Bible Study was very well received. It was characterized by youth leadership, an open and collaborative format, an expectation of modest preparation, good discussion and really good participation.

Recognizing that God was working through this study, we held a meeting on Sunday, August 19th to discuss what the shape of L.I.F.E. needed to be for the fall. After a wonderful discussion it was agreed that L.I.F.E. would go forward with two major components:

The first is the Bible Study, continuing the pattern that was started this summer, but with an even greater emphasis on inviting all those of Junior High and High School age to participate. The study will continue to be held on Sunday night at the Maier’s house. The Hughes have also indicated that their house is available, so the study may trade off, perhaps on a monthly basis. The meeting time will be at 7:00 p.m., after Awana, and the study will finish by 9:00 p.m.

The second major component of L.I.F.E. in the coming year will be events. These may range from evenings of prayer and praise to field trips like Fiesta Texas. In fact, the group indicated that a wide range of events was desirable. Specific events have not yet been planned, but a planning meeting has been set for Friday, August 31st from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. We look forward to brainstorming all kinds of events and establishing an event team to implement them!

If you have any questions about the Bible Study, please contact Leslie Maier or Elijah Jackson. If you have questions or ideas about events, or about the event meeting, please contact Terry Winkler!