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Awana Pre-Season: Update after August 19th Meeting

We had a great Awana planning meeting on Sunday, August 19th. For the sake of clarity I’ve broken down the summary of that meeting into four posts:

Council Time
Special Events

On Sunday, August 26th we will have the second pre-season meeting. Todd Cobbs will be teaching on how to share the Gospel, and we will have extended club planning time. Several specific sub-meetings that need to happen in this club time are mentioned in the Leadership post.

On Saturday, September 8th we will have an outreach event at the apartment complex. Contact Todd as soon as possible if you are available to help.

On Sunday, September 9th we will have the first Awana meeting of the year. Don’t miss it.

In addition, we intend to post Awana forms in the next day or two. We may have an online options for the main sign-up form.