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Awana Planning Meeting: Leadership

This is a summary of the Leadership discussion at the Awana Planning Meeting on August 19, 2012

Commander – we don’t have a commander yet, but we look forward to God’s provision of a commander soon! In the meantime we will have team leadership provided by the club directors and other senior staff members. This will include a rotating leadership of the closing program, which will be assigned to a different club or staff member each week. Bob will be preparing a proposed schedule of this soon.

Secretary – Pat Oliver

IT and Communication Coordinator – Doug Breaux

Game Leader and Outreach Coordinator – Todd Cobbs

Prize Night Coordinator – Enoch Bauer and John Bauer will work with Debbie Emerson to pick up the Prize Night responsibilities from her.

Cubbies Director – This is still up in the air. Elizabeth Bauer, who has worked with Cubbies for years, has indicated an interest, and several people volunteered to help. This will be further discussed at the August 26th meeting.

Sparks Director – Larry Martin. Brian Winkleman and Brian Shelley are also key leaders of this club.

FOG (Fellowship of Girls) Director – Joanna Rask, but Joanna indicated that she needed to stay completely away from record-keeping. Several people will meet on August 26th to line out how the record-keeping will be done.

SMOG (Strong Men of God) – Scott Murray. Doug Rask is also a key leader of this club.

Trek – Michelle Murray. Elaine Jackson is also a key leader of this club.

Journey – While we will not have a formal club for the high school level, Pat Oliver is still willing to mentor any teens who want to pursue the Journey materials and awards.