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Awana Planning Meeting: Discipline

We talked at length about areas in which renewed or modified discipline is needed.

Bullying and cliquishness have been noted, especially in the older clubs. This needs to be addressed by (1) increased awareness and intervention by adults; (2) increased awareness and intervention by teen leaders, who should be coached by adult leaders regarding circumstances that can develop into bullying and appropriate responses; (3) teaching in council time (see comments in the Council Time post)

We have also noticed loss of discipline at the end of the evening. This may be partially addressed by the fact that LIFE will not be in the building after Awana. However, it was also suggested that (1) FOG and SMOG adopt the system used by the Sparks of returning to their rooms and waiting for intentional pick-up by parents or those transporting the kids; (2) assigning a club each week whose task is to maintain order and encourage clean-up in the Sanctuary. These suggestions are at least somewhat mutually exclusive and no decision has been made yet between them. Input from club leaders would be appreciated.