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Quick Update and a Few Pictures from Slovakia

Quick Update and a Few Pictures from Slovakia

The fourth and last week of English Camp in Slovakia ended on Friday. This camp, in Kvacany, was good, with a number of kids who had been to the camp there last year, but also a number of new kids.  While we don’t know of any immediate commitments to Christ, there were many opportunities to share the Gospel and several good conversations following these presentations.

The camp ended with a program for the parents, and many came. The kids presented skits using their English skills, and often imitating the skits the team had given during the week.  The team also sang and presented the ‘Everything’ mime which shows how Jesus can rescue from all the destructive forces of life.

Saturday was the transition day from Kvacany back to Trencin. The team packed up in the morning, had lunch in Liptovsky Mikulas, and then took the train along the Vah river valley to Trencin. They settled back into the house they lived in during the first two weeks and treated themselves to ice cream. 

The plan for Sunday was to sleep in. Jozef Abrman’s church in Trencin cannot meet in the Cultural Center one Sunday morning a month due to a scheduling conflict. So they meet in the afternoon with an evangelistic emphasis. The team will present some testimonies, songs and mimes at this event.

The next three days, before our return on Thursday, will be spent cultivating relationships, including spending some time with Robin Rushing’s English students on Monday, hosting a craft night on Tuesday, and just hanging out, with a little time spent buying souvenirs and gifts.

One thing to pray for is the opportunity to record the testimonies of Peter and Ivette Surovcek. We were tremendously blessed by their account of how God enabled each of them to escape from Communist Czechoslovakia, meet, marry and minister together and return to minister in their homeland. Michelle would like to work on a book or a play based on these riveting stories of God’s provision.  We hope to finish recording their testimonies, and possibly Jozef and Anna Abrman’s before we leave.

Big Tim hiding during the find-your-leader game.
Playing games with English is a big part of the learning process.
Dress-your-leader is a favorite
The Famous Bananna song.
View from the train window near Liptovsky Mikulas.
Jozef and Anna Abrman, Peter and Ivette Surovcek