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Slovakia Devotions: Fearsome

Everyone participates in the water fun

Day 11: Fearsome

Only one team member included ‘fearsome’ as a hero-quality, but I liked it so much as a character quality of God that I decided to include it. The Bible says that God is awesome and to be feared, and it commands us over and over to ‘fear the Lord.’ The best example I can think of is Aslan, who, the Narnians often say, ‘is not a tame lion.’

Nehemiah uses the term ‘awesome’ (sometimes translated ‘terrible’) to describe God. Read Nehemiah 1:4-5, Nehemiah 4:14 and Nehemiah 9:32.  What kinds of things about God might be implied by his ‘awesomeness’ in these verses?

The Psalms use the term ‘to be feared.’ Read Psalm 33:6-11. What heroic acts and actions would cause us to fear the Lord?

In the New Testament Jesus is both awesome and fearsome.  Read the following accounts and think about what qualities caused the people to fear Jesus in each case.

Matthew 14:22-27

Matthew 17:1-8

Mark 4:35-41

Mark 5:25-34

Luke 5:1-11