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Slovakia Devotions: Generous

Day 10: Generous

A hero is always willing to give to those in need. But more than that, a hero’s victory is characterized by providing abundantly for those he rescues. It wouldn’t be much a rescue if the people were as impoverished after it as before. God’s generosity is celebrated in the Old Testament in terms of the abundance he gives through creation and in redemption.  Read Psalm 65:9-13. What parts of God’s creation bring the most joy to your heart and life?

Now read Psalm 105:37-43.  What did God provide as he rescued his people?

How is God himself the provision he supplies? Read Psalm 36:5-9 for insight.

In the New Testament Jesus himself is the generous provision for his people. The following sections are the ‘I Am’ verses of John’s gospel. What needs is Jesus the provision for in your life?

The Baptist Church in Vavrisovo where Peter and Iveta Survocek minister

John 6:47-51

John 4:13-15

John 8:12, John 9:1-7

John 8:56-59

John 10:7-15