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Slovakia Devotions: Just

The first skit of the new camp

Day 9: Just

Justice is one of God’s key character qualities. We trust a hero to do what is right and fair, to rescue the innocent and not to allow the enemy to continue to do harm. In the same way, God is a God of justice who punishes evildoers and provides justice for the needy. Read Isaiah 5:16 What two pairs of words are paralleled in this verse? How are the words in each pair related to each other.

Read Deuteronomy 10:17-18 What does God do that shows his justice? What does he not do?

Read¬† Zephaniah 3:1-5 and Isaiah 1:21-25. Who is ‘she’ in these prophecies? What groups of people are unjust? How is God described? How does a just God respond to injustice?

Jesus, the hero of our story, was also characterized by justice. Read Isaiah 42:1-4 (which is applied to Jesus in Matthew chapter 12).  What do you learn about Jesus in these verses? What do you like about how he brings justice? How can you imitate this kind of justice-bringing?