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Day 8 Slovakia Bible Study: A Leader

Day 8: A Leader

Science class in the school building at Kvacany

Another hero quality named by several team members was leadership.  This is not a quality we normally associate with God, at least in some contemporary senses. But in many ways God is the leader of his people, especially in the sense of ‘what we really want in life is not guidance but a guide.’

Read Nehemiah 9:9-15.  List seven or eight ways that God displays the qualities of a leader and a hero in these verses.

Read the following verses. What are other ways that God leads?

Genesis 24:27;

Exodus 15:13;

Deuteronomy 8:2;

Isaiah 30:20-21

Read Psalm 23. What are the benefits of God’s leadership.  What insight does Revelation 7:17 give into Psalm 23?


How has God been your leader on this trip so far? How can you be more like the sheep in Psalm 23 for the remainder of the trip?