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Slovakia Devotions: Forgiving

And they help communicate spiritual truth

While I am in Slovakia I will be leading daily devotions for the team.  We will be posting these each day so that you can be thinking and praying about the same material.

Day 6: Forgiving

Do you believe that God forgives sins? I’m not sure this is a trait commonly associated with heroes, but it was mentioned several times by the group. Forgiveness is one of the fundamental traits attributed to God in Exodus 34:6-7.  How do you reconcile this commitment to forgive with the phrase that follows “but who will by no means clear the guilty”?

God’s forgiveness is evident in many places. What other character qualities of God go along with forgiveness in Psalm 86:4-5 and Psalm 103:8-12.

During the incarnation one of the ways Jesus revealed himself was by forgiving sin. Read Luke 7:36-50.  What is the attitude of the Pharisee? What is the point of Jesus’ parable?  What does Jesus imply about himself by forgiving the woman’s sins?

As believers we are called to imitate the character quality of forgiveness. What does Paul teach us in Colossians 3:12-14?

How is that going for you on this trip? Is there anyone you specifically need to forgive? Is there anyone you need to seek forgiveness from?