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Slovakia Devotions: Courageous

Week one camp participants at play

While I am in Slovakia I will be leading daily devotions for the team.  We will be posting these each day so that you can be thinking and praying about the same material.

Day 2: Courageous

The most common word that the team used to describe a hero was ‘courageous.’ While it may not appear so immediately, this is also a character quality of God, and it shows up best in the life and work of Jesus Christ.  A little over a week ago you read Philippians 2:5-11.  Who is the hero of this text? What makes him a hero?

Andrew Peterson’s album ‘Behold the Lamb of God’ has the following line: “So sing out for joy for the brave little boy who was God, but he made himself nothing…” Do you ever think of Jesus as a ‘brave little boy?’ What fits? What doesn’t?

A similar Jesus-as-courageous text is Hebrews 12:1-3. What in these verses shows Jesus’ courage?

Finally, read Luke 9:51-53.  What was going to happen in Jerusalem? How does this show Jesus’ courage? Is Jesus your hero?

Application: Read Joshua 1:1-9.  What reasons does God give Joshua for not being frightened anymore, but ‘strong and courageous?’