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Slovakia Devotions: Strong

Another small teaching group

While I am in Slovakia I will be leading daily devotions for the team.  We will be posting these each day so that you can be thinking and praying about the same material.

Day 1: Strong

One of the most common characteristics identified by the team for a hero was ‘strong.’ In children’s stories and comic books the heroes are often able to do great feats of strength. Even in the Bible heroes like Samson and David’s mighty men are identified by their strength. But how do they compare to the Bible’s real hero?

One of God’s names in Scripture is El Shaddai, God Almighty.  Read Jeremiah 32:17. What mighty act of God does Jeremiah mention? How does this show that God is ‘all mighty?’

J. I. Packer says that to grasp the greatness of God you must compare him to things you consider great. Scripture does this often, as in Isaiah 40. For an example, read Isaiah 40:25-26.  What do you consider great? How is God greater?

In Psalm 18:1-19 David describes the strength of God as rescuer (hero). Read through the Psalm and write down some of the descriptions that show God’s strength.  How is God’s strength used to rescue?