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Brief Slovakia Update: Beginning of Third Camp Week

The Slovakia English Camp team arrived in Liptovsky Mikulas on Saturday (July 14) and is staying at a wonderful house in Smercany. The camp is meeting at a Lutheran School in Liptovsky, about fifteen minutes by bus from the house.

The first day of camp went well. Though only five children had registered as of Saturday, 19 came for the first camp day, plus a number of translators with whom significant relationships can also be formed. The first day, of course, required adjustments for the new location and number of students. Please pray that the Lord would allow the changes made after the first day to be effective and helpful.

Here are a few pictures of the camp, and in the beautiful mountains near the house.

Anna, Jozef and Mark Abrman in front of their home.
The first skit of the new camp
The Exodus Mime
The High Tatras
The team, translators and children preparing for a camp photo
The High Tatras
The gardens near the house in Smercany
The scenery near the house in Smercany