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Slovakia Update: Bob and Todd trade places

I just arrived at the Abrman’s house after a quite good flight. I even got a little sleep. I haven’t taken any pictures yet, but the above picture from last week’s camp kind of summarizes how I’m feeling. Please pray that my jet lag will not be too bad, as I am preaching tomorrow at the church in Trencin.

Please pray for Todd as he flies home, that he would have safe travel and will have time to recover from jet lag when he arrives home.

I haven’t seen the team yet, as they have gone up into the mountains to Luptovsky Mikulas where the next week of camp is being held. Pray that they will have a refresing weekend, and that more kids will sign up for the camp next week.

Here’s an update from Darra Murray: We had a lovely train ride to Liptovsky Mikolas today. We drove straight from the train station to Kvacany to a goulash cook off to be welcomed by the mayor and look around. Then we got back in the cars to drive to our house in Smrecany. It is an amazing house with three kitchens, charming balconies and a fireplace in the backyard. It is fully furnished as a guest house that the mayor rents out. We had a great time worshipping as a team and are now going to sleep. Tomorrow we will share testimonies and sing in the Liptovsky Mikolas church. Btw The weather cooled off and long sleeves are in order. This is the weather we were all hoping for. Please keep praying for students to come to camp and for our health. Praise God that Cassidy is back to normal.