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Slovakia Update (updated)

(updated 07/10/2012) from Darra Murray (Tuesday 10th)Everyone was up and running today. The sickness left peter and ashley weak bit their stomachs were ok. Others commented on iffy stomachs but they had strength to keep going. Thank you so much for your prayers. Please keep praying it doesn’t strike again.

We found out today that the camp next week has only 5 students enrolled. Please pray that God will bring more students.

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I’m on my way home from vacation and have internet at the hotel. So I thought I’d pull together some of the comments that were made on facebook last week and some photos to give you some idea of what’s happening in Trencin.

Patti Cummings (Wednesday 4th) Please pray for us as we tell the story of Jesus tomorrow. Todd is having good conversations with some of the older ones. The team is praying fervently for understanding for the students. Looks like water day will be nice and hot on Friday, although we enjoyed a bit of cloud cover this morning and slightly cooler temperatures today.

Bethany Berreth (Thursday 5th) It’s almost the end of the week. Camps are going well, everyone is getting tired, but our faithful God has been our strength.

Preschool has 8 children. Please pray for my 4 girls at camps. Nevena, Laura, Nina and Alena. I shared the gospel with them three different ways today and shared my testimony. They were attentive yet unresponsive, and I am praying that it means the wheels in their heads are turning. Please pray for them to be touched in their hearts with the realization that they need to be saved!

Team health is holding up, and with one more day to go, I think we’re gonna make it. Just pray for enough rest and clear minds.

Patti (Thursday 5th) The day got off to a rough start, but from what I can tell, it ended well. More details later. Thank you for praying. A few of us huddled up twice today to pray because we sensed that we were definitely being opposed.

Darra Murray (Friday 6th) We just finished a great week of camp. We didn’t get much sleep, but the skits were amazing, stories went well, and games were fun. The word of god moved in beautiful ways. We look forward to telling you more when we get home. We are looking forward to Trencin castle tomorrow morning for the new folks and swimming and boating tomorrow afternoon.

Bethany (Saturday 7th) Going by foot into town with my best friend. Weekends are to refresh the soul. Very soon we’ll start a new camp week and be rather busy again. But for now, we rest. — with Emily Paige Cummings in Trencin, Slovakia.

Darra (Monday 9th) Peter just threw up. Ashley and Tim’s stomachs are hurting. Please pray for healing and that this does not spread through the whole team and camp.

Bethany (Monday 9th) We saw someone yesterday whose whole family was home sick, and then she threw up when she went home. Usually bugs don’t spread that quickly, but you never know.

Oh, I just read in a Slovak friend’s status that she has the stomach bug, and we were with her on Saturday. That makes more sense. Yikes! Please pray, because all of us are in such close quarters that it’s too late to not have come into contact with the virus!

Darra (Monday 9th) Peter and Ashley slept all afternoon. Tim kept going. He doesn’t want to eat, but he says his stomach is feeling better. Thank you for your prayers. Please keep praying. Other than being sick, the rest of the day went very well. We have a large group of very excited students.

The first week’s campers and staff
Week one camp participants at play
Water day is a climax of the week
Water day is great fun for all

Another small teaching group
The famous screeching(?) Peter skit
The whole team in the Dragon Boat
Famous Ice Cream!
Cooking Halusky
Todd eating Halusky