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Beyond the Sky – Backstory

I just posted as a feature video the Fernando Ortega song Beyond the Sky, which we sang and enjoyed a lot during the last part of our Revelation series.

I originally made this video in the last week of May, and uploaded it to YouTube. But I made the mistake of using some sunrise footage that I got from another YouTube upload, and it turned out to be copyrighted material that the owner would not allow to be used in that way. So the video was blocked and I had to take it down.

“Well,” I said to myself, “the sun rises in Texas, too.” So earlier this week I got up early and went down to Galveston with Michael and Bobby. Setting up my video camera on the extreme west end of the Seawall, we got to enjoy a truly beautiful sunrise, and I captured a variety of images from the event.

Here’s one shot across the water:

And here’s one facing the other way: Yes, that is a bird flying across the face of the moon – advantage of selecting one frame from a video!

Here’s the resulting video: