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Kyle’s Changes, Suggestions

Hear’s a list of changes I’ve made, little things.

Friday June 1st:

  • [Change] – [Page]
  • Updated a Map link – Somewhere
  • Centered Welcome Video – Welcome Video Feature Page

Saturday June 2nd:

  • Updated Bridge to Life video to <iframe> embed code and centered. – Vision page
  • Changed “Download” to “Downloadable Version” – What We Believe
  • Added a “Back” link (via JS) at the top and bottom – History Pictures
  • Fixed Capitalization, added file types – Useful Documents

Mr. Kittle mentioned caching plugins. I’ve tested several on my site (, Loadtested; Compare with.) and like W3 Total Cache the best. It also supports CloudFlare integration (which I’m not sure if I’m using successfully) I’d recommend it, especially as the web host has a small number of concurrent connections allowed, such that the access to mySQL crashed when performing the loadtest.

(Also, for a shared web host to fail under such a relatively small number of connections seems un-satisfactory to me. I ran the same test on my site with the cache disabled and it produced relatively little change on server load: I host with, (and resell from the same at and have been highly satisfied with their server performance and support.)