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Cobbs Small Group Summer Schedule

2-No home group. We will be going to Trinity for the Graziosi’s adoption party-everyone is invited. It starts at 7.
9-Jerry Smith, Titia’s dad, who has been a pastor for 50 years will come to our home group to share with us.
16-Regular home group-Ephesians.
23-No home group
30-No home group

6-Home group, but we will do outreach in our neighborhood.(canned food drive)
13-We will have home group at the Antwi’s. This will be a fellowship night, we will grill burgers, swim, and celebrate several birthdays.
20-Regular home group-Ephesians.
27-No home group

4-No home group-maybe we can watch fireworks together somewhere.(4th of July)
11-No home group
18-Regular home group, I will give an update about my Slovakia mission trip.
25-Regular home group-Ephesians.

That is the plan right now, if anything changes I will let you know.