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Moving toward going public

I’d still really like to go public on or about June 2nd.

Here are some things that need to be somewhat completed before then. This list is roughly in priority order in my mind, though the items are not equal in difficulty or ultimate significance.

(1) Completed the data on the calendar, and at least started on the customization outlined in the previous post.
(2) Reasonably settled on a color scheme / accents. I’d really like to try a muted image or grunge for the top header (I’m still good with maroon and cream).
(3) Completed Staff Updates
(4) Completed Ministry Pages, especially LIFE
(5) Simple gallery slider for photo galleries. I’m thinking that we want to limit the number of pictures on the site, possibly by providing links to the Awana Snapfish gallery and maybe a similar gallery for church events.
(6) Turning off links / removing pages for the top level menu items.
(7) Identifying more content authors (Women’s, LIFE, Awana, etc.)
(8) At the bottom, but more significant than some of these others, is transferring the sermon pages to the new site. The only reason this is not top priority is because the present pages work well, even when linked to on the old site.