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Calendar Status

After looking at several calendars, I purchased the upgrade to the PRO version of The Modern Tribe’s The Event Calendar. I have entered several events, and I’ll get Iva to enter a full load of events soon.

This calendar does not offer shortcodes, but it does offer a great deal of flexibility at the php level and ‘paid’ support. Doug and Kyle I will send you the login information separately.

In the meantime, I have configured the calendar widgets in the page sidebars On the Trinity news page this ends up with something not too different than what I was envisioning. On other pages it’s a little obtrusive. What would be nice would be to have the widget be smart, so that it showed upcoming events (preferably with a description snippet) based on what page it found itself on.

What I’d like on the Trinity News page is to have all current bulletin / powerpoint items in either the news category or in full text on the calendar (as ‘featured’ items) and to have those appear side by side. This will require PHP, either a modification to the widget, or hard coded onto the page.

The main calendar (the ‘New Calendar’ menu item) seems fine to me, but if you look at the documentation you’ll see a couple of nice mods that can be made, including color coding categories. I’d love to color code featured events and small groups.