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Update 120511

Didn’t do much yesterday – a few tweaks. Looks like Doug did a few too.

Two things:

First, it looks to me like a ‘gallery slider’ plugin for pictures would be useful. Doug, I’m wondering if you can research them. Some appear to have a flickr link, which might solve the storage capacity problem. Also, I like the ones that put thumbnails on the slides.

Second, I’m back to thinking its time for a public beta. I already like the content of the draft site better than the content of the real site, and there are not that many holes left (content wise). Admittedly we haven’t solved the aesthetics problems, but we the beauty of a beta is that we can still do stuff!

Frank, I am a little worried about the performance problems. Not intolerable, but noticeable. Any thoughts?

What I’d like to do is put a link on the old main page and urge people to use the Beta. I don’t think our user community is big enough that we’ll be overwhelmed with comments, and we can choose to take some of them with a grain of salt.

How about Monday?