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Update 120509

Yesterday I fleshed out the new menu structure, and I’m still liking it pretty much.

Added content to: Women’s Ministry page (which is a page/post hybrid like the one Doug set up for Awana); documents page; staff page; directory page; small groups page.

Still wondering how to work the issue of Trinity News vs. Calendar Event vs. Event Page event vs. post to ministry page like Awana, Women’s etc. In other words, how do we handle events that have both a calendar component and a news component? I haven’t tried it, but can we cross tag from either of the event types to a post category?

Another question is pictures; I haven’t tried a gallery page, though I assume that would work. Do we want to keep some or all picture albums onsite, or do we want to link someplace?

My goal for today is to begin fleshing out the staff page.

Comments welcome!