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Heart Prep for Sunday, May 6th

The text for this week is Revelation 20:7-15. The focus on the text is on the last battle and the final judgment, but those whose names are written the Book of Life escape the second death, so the focus of our worship (and communion) will be on God’s amazing grace that saves us.

Mighty to Save

Wonderful Grace of Jesus – tune and words
Wonderful Grace of Jesus The Cathedrals = fun.

The Love of God!

Amazing Grace

Before the Throne of God Above

The Undiscovered by Rock ‘n Roll Worship Circus
And I see
A color white
So bright
The earth trembles
There is a cloud
Around His throne
That veils
The Undiscovered

So be afraid
For He is coming
In more glory
Than we have seen
So oceans roar
And all you creatures
Tell the nations
The Lord is King
The Lord is King

Let all creation see
All of creation see
Let all creation see
All of creation see
All of creation see

Beneath the Cross of Jesus

How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds (Words on the RUF hymn site)

Thy Mercy