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Development Update 120501

Okay, working on a few of the concepts for embracing content – lots more of this to do.

Defined a tentative menu structure:

Get Connected
– About (page)
– Visit (page)
– Trinity Vision (page)
– Pastor Bob DeGray (page)
– Pastor Todd Cobbs (page)
– Address and Map (page)

Stay Connected
– Ministry Updates (category)
– Trinity Calendar (page)
– Trinity News (category)
– Pastors Page (category – import of sabbatiblog)
– Contact Form (form)

Get the Details
– Directory (page)
– Affiliation (page)
– Useful Documents (page)
– – Doctrine (pdf)
– – Building Use Guidelines (pdf)
– – TF Constituion (pdf)
– – Boilerplate Parental Permission Form (pdf)
┬áStill debating whether pdf’s get a menu item: will probably put them on one menu item ‘useful documents’