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Lent for Everyone: Week 1, Friday (120302)

Lent For Everyone Reading Plan

This is Friday of the first full week of Lent. The reading is Matthew 9, with an emphasis on 9-17. (If you want to listen, scroll to the bottom of that page for the audio player.)

Wright talks about the ‘new wineskins’ using the illustration of needing to buy a new computer, not to put more memory in the old one. He says “We today fast during Lent, to remind ourselves of the sorrow and sin that still abounds in the world and in our own lives. But we do so as a people whose basic mode of life is celebration. God has brought the new world into being in and through Jesus. Don’t try to put the new cloth on the old coat, or the new wine into old bottles. God is making everything new, and he’s inviting us to the party.”

I like the line about being a people whose basic mode of life is celebration: Lord, let it be so for me!

In keeping with that thought, a couple of videos that are reverent fun:

Michael Gungor Doxology

Josh Garrels Rabbit and the Bear

Gungor The Earth is Yours