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Lent for Everyone: 1st Week Monday

(Sorry this is late: see comments on video below!)

Lent For Everyone Reading Plan

This is Monday of the first full week of Lent. (There are six total.) The reading is Matthew 5, with an emphasis on the Beatitudes. (If you want to listen, scroll to the bottom of the page for the audio player.)

Today’s passage is Matthew 5, with an emphasis on the beatitudes. Wright says “The worst mistake we can make about this famous and stunning passage is to see it as a list of rules (you’ve got to try hard to be poor in spirit, to mourn, to be meek, and so on). It isn’t. It’s a royal announcement that God is turning the world upside down — or, rather, the right way up.”

He tries to give us an idea what it would have been like to be someone in the crowd listening to Jesus words. He closes with this thought “I don’t know where this is leading. But I’ve never heard any- one speaking like this before. It’s a whole new way of being God’s people. It’s a whole new way of being human. Well, we’ve tried everything else. Maybe, after all, this is what it’s going to look like when God comes back to rescue us. I’m ready to sign up. What about you?”

Lately it seems every time I think of a song that goes along with a text, Youtube doesn’t have it. I’ve been encouraging people to make music videos. In this case the song I wanted was ‘Blessed are You’ from the album “Follow the Narrow” by Clear. When I couldn’t find one I decided to make one! It’s simple, but I hope effective: Blessed are You