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Heart Prep for Sunday, February 26th

(I’m doing this at a Panera in Austin, waiting for the District Conference to start!)

Our text this week is Revelation 17 The focus of the text is on ‘the woman’ and ‘the beast.’ The woman represents all kinds of idolatry, especially luxury and pleasure (see chapter 18) The beast represents empires and nations who oppose God. Together they make for pretty bleak reading. When we look at them we see the pain of evil triumphant.

But they are not, ultimately, triumphant. So our worship this week is the contrast: We’re going to lift our hearts and voices to celebrate the majesty of God:

Praise to the Lord the Almighty


Majesty (Delirious)

King of Wonders (Matt Redman)

All Creatures of Our God And King

Our God (Chris Tomlin)

Have Your Way (Andrew Peterson)

Great and Mighty – oddly enough, I couldn’t find this familiar Caedmon’s Call chorus on Youtube – anybody want to make a music video?