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Heart Prep for Sunday, January 29th

Sorry this is a little late and a little short. I’ve been that way all week!

This is the week we begin to make forward progress in Revelation: Revelation 15:1-8

The text is about preparation in Heaven for the final series of judgments on earth, the bowl judgments. The heavenly focus is worship of a God who is mighty and awesome, just and true, holy and righteous. Our worship will imitate that:

Great is the Lord

O Worship the King This one has a little bridge, but is otherwise pretty much the traditional version we use.


Praise to the Lord, The Almighty

Immortal, Invisible

David Jackson is writing a new song based on the ‘Song of Moses and the Lamb’ for the offertory. While we look forward to that, you may enjoy Michael Card’s Song of the Lamb from his Revelation album, also based on the same text.

He is Exalted