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Heart Prep for January 1st

As we begin the New Year, I need to gently remind myself, and I suspect others as well, that ‘God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him’ Whether completing our celebration of the Incarnation, remembering our Lord’s sacrifice or looking ahead to God’s work in the year to come, we come to worship a God who is and does more than we can ask or imagine!

Our text this week is the last ‘I Am’ in John’s Gospel: John 15:1-8. It is also a communion Sunday.

Our worship will focus again on the wonder of the incarnation, but using songs that bridge to the wonder of the Incarnate One’s sacrifice. (By the way, I recognize that I’ve linked to many of these videos earlier in the season – sometimes I find a new one I like, but often the ones I linked to before still seem best.)

Joy To The WorldThis is the Cedarmont kids version.
Actually I’ve always liked the Mannheim Steamroller version of this one too.
And I know some folks really like the Chris Tomlin version

Good Christian Men Rejoice – Vocal with lyrics
Good Christian Men Rejoice – fun, with some nice video.

One Small Child I couldn’t find a version on Youtube with lyrics, so I went with this Evie version which is quite similar to the way we do it.

I Wonder as I Wander. Children’s voices, but nicely done.
I Wonder as I Wander. This is also a nice version.

What Child is This?

Offertory: I Am, by Nicole Nordeman

To God be the Glory