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Marriage Counseling Conference

I just wanted to do a quick blog on the marriage conference that Gail and I attended last week. As I mentioned at church, we found it to be very helpful, and think it has a lot of potential to make a difference for marriages that may be struggling. Key benefits, from my point of view were:

(1) Intensive. The counselor, Karl Elkins, says he learned years ago that one hour counseling sessions were ineffective because there is just not enough time to make real progress. I agree. The two day intensive format, possibly followed by one or more three hour coached sessions has the potential to really make a difference for couples.

(2) Biblical. The material was soundly Biblical. Gail and I were particularly impressed with the so-called ‘warm up’ exercise, in which you purpose to approach communication and the resolution of difficulties from a distinctively Christ-like stance.

Two day intensives are offered once a month. Three day intensives and other counseling are offered on an as-needed basis.

Here is a pdf of the Christway Counseling brochure: brochure

And here is a link to the web site: Christway Counseling