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Early Heart Prep for Sunday, October 23rd

Andrew Peterson has a song on his album “Resurrection Letters” that alludes to three of the miracles God did through Elijah and Elisha: the fire on the altar at Mount Carmel, the provision of oil for the widow of a prophet in 2 Kings 4 (this week’s text) and the healing of Naaman in 2 Kings 6.

We’re going to have this as either an offertory or a congregational song on November 6th, when we study the third of these three miracles. It fits best then because that’s also a communion week. But I thought it would be nice to start to get familiar with the song, so I did a music video with some of the visuals we have used and will use for these texts:

If your internet connection is good enough, this looks nice in full screen and HD 720p.