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A minor moral dilemma

I was preparing a brief video of clips from the Trinity Family Camp Out (October 29-31, 2010) and in trying to select a soundtrack I ran into a minor moral dilemma.

It all began at a wedding recently in which the bride processed to a beautiful piece of music I had never heard. I discretely pointed my iphone at the speakers and activiated the shazzam app, which identified the piece as the main theme from ‘The Cider House Rules.’

Here’s a link to a beautiful you-tube video which uses the theme:

So, beautiful music. But before I used it or promoted it, I wanted to check out the movie to which it was the soundtrack. I checked the usual (for me) places -IMDB and Plugged In Online. There I discovered that the movie, though visually beautiful, was a thinly disguised tract FOR abortion. Bummer. So do I promote beautiful music from a morally objectionable movie? What would you do? What do you do?

Here’s what I did: I looked up the composer and found she has done many movies. So I went to itunes and listened to clips of some of her other stuff, and then checked out those movies on Plugged In. I found one that was both well-reviewed on Plugged in and musically beautiful (though in my opinion, not as compelling a theme as the first):

So I kind-of resolve my moral dilemma by liking a sound-track from a video I think I would also like (morally). And I almost used this theme for the camp out video. But then I thought of a song I like off of Andrew Peterson’s new album, “Counting Stars” and I decided I could slightly theme my camp out clips to that song, called “Planting Trees.” Here’s the result: