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Psalm 46: A Hospital Psalm?

While I was in seminary I was an interim pastor at an Evangelical Free Church in Lake Zurich, Illinois. One of the things I did that was relatively new to me was visiting people in the hospital. I quickly realized that I didn’t have too much to say to someone who was sick or dying. So I spent a good deal of time reading through the Psalms and marking my Bible so that I could quickly turn to a Psalm and offer hope or reassurance from the Scriptures.

I marked the Psalm headings with one dot for good, two dots for better and three dots for best. There were not too many three dot Psalms, and of those the one that I have probably used most often is Psalm 46.

I love the balance of the Psalm, which essentially says that though the whole world may be falling apart around us, there is still a place of refuge with God, a holy place that will not fall, a place where we can be still and know that He is God.