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100 Days in the Psalms

I’m really looking forward to our next preaching series “100 Days in the Psalms.” Beginning August 8th we will preach one Psalm each week- seven Psalms apart. At the same time we’ll be encouraging everyone to read the Psalms in between. This is much easier to see than to describe

August-08 Preach Psalm 1
August-09 Read Psalm 2
August-10 Read Psalm 3
August-11 Read Psalm 4
August-12 Read Psalm 5
August-13 Read Psalm 6
August-14 Read Psalm 7
August-15 Preach Psalm 8
August-16 Read Psalm 9

Here’s a PDF with the full schedule: preaching psalms

To turn your reading of the Psalms each day into meditation, you might want to ask yourself some or all of the following questions:

* What is the mood of the Psalm?

* What is the turning point, if any, in the Psalmist’s thinking?

* What does the thought of the Psalmist turn from and turn to?

* What is the focus of the Psalm?
(i.e. past, present, future; God or man; wickedness or righteousness; history or nature?)

* What are some key words or phrases in the Psalm?

* What do you learn about God in this Psalm?

* What do you learn about man in this Psalm?

* What do you learn about the relationship of God and man in this Psalm?

* What attitudes or actions can you apply from this Psalm?

* If you wanted to pick one verses or section to memorize, what would it be?