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Preaching Plan

I’ve finally gotten a little time to think through a preaching plan for the rest of the year.

The (short) summer series will be called ‘Compassionate Community’ and will address some current issues in compassion, especially with an eye toward how we live compassionately in small groups and in a needy world.

The (longer than usual) fall series will be called ‘A Hundred Days in the Psalms’ and will be just that. On the first day I will preach Psalm 1. Each day of the following week you will be asked to read a Psalm devotionally. On the eighth day, that is, the next Sunday, I will preach Psalm 8, and this pattern will continue throughout the fall. Occasionally Tim Rask or Murry Billingsley or possibly others will take a Psalm, but we will continue reading a Psalm a day and preaching on one a week until we reach Psalm 99 just before thanksgiving.

Details are available on this PDF:Preaching Plan 2Q2010a