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Revelation Study Questions

There are several different small groups doing different kinds of studies of Revelation that will follow my Spring preaching series in Revelation. It’s a little challenging to create a study guide that meets the needs of all these groups. The link below will pull up a PDF of my first attempt to craft such a guide. It includes:

I. A list of basic inductive study questions, for those who study the text on their own.
II. A section of questions pursuing specifics of this text.
III. A section of questions pursuing personal reflection and application.

The first section will remain the same each week, while the last two sections will be tailored to the specific text. I hope to produce and post these on the Tuesday twelve days before I preach the text. This is a stretch for me, since it means thinking through my outline and key sentence a full week earlier than usual, as well as creating the questions themselves. Please pray that I would do this effectively. Feedback is welcome.

rev01v01 study questions