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Revelation Series

On January 24th, we’ll be starting a sermon series from the book of Revelation. Through the spring, with a break for Easter, we’ll be covering chapters 1 through 7. I know that some of you are planning to study Revelation in different groups, so I thought I’d publish a little more publically than usual the preaching plan.

When I prepare a preaching plan I read through the text several times, look at the way it naturally divides, read some commentaries to see what they offer as the structure of the text, compare all that to the calendar, and then project preaching divisions. When all that is done I go through the chunks and in a preliminary way select a title, a key sentence, and a worship theme.

So what can you count on? Certainly the divisions and the dates. To a lesser extent the worship themes. And to an even lesser extent the wording of the key sentences and titles. These often change even as late as the week I’m preaching.

I’ll update this PDF from time to time as I get more information, especially about the Easter series.

(Click on the image or the link below to see the PDF.)

Preaching Plan 1Q2010-1

Preaching Plan 1Q2010