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Slight Update on the Survey

In any survey there is usually one question that doesn’t work the first time. In the case of the Spring Participation Survey, it was the eighth question, the one about participation in age segregated Sunday School. Let me see if I can clarify a little bit (I’ve also clarified the question on the current version of the survey, I hope).

First, we are hoping to offer age segregated Sunday School for all ages. We still need some teachers to fill some of the gaps, but that is the plan.

Second, that includes having some adult classes. We are hoping to offer a variety of options. Some of these, despite being called ‘adult’ classes may be open to the whole family. Furthermore, some of these may be true Small Groups, as mentioned in a previous question.

So if you (or the person for whom you are filling out the survey) want to attend an adult Sunday School or a Sunday Morning Small Group, check ‘adult’ on this question.

Here’s a fresh link to the Spring Participation Survey