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Mystery Visitor

Mystery Visitor

Outreach is a magazine that Mike Bauer subscribed to while focusing on outreach at Trinity. It’s a pretty good magazine, but the Mystery Visitor feature is only one I read every time it crosses my desk.

In this column Outreach, working with, enlists an unbeliever to report on an unannounced visit to a local church. They ask the visitor questions like:

What was your first impression of the church?

What was it like inside?

Describe the service?

Was there opportunity to respond?

Did you connect with anyone at the church?

Would you visit again?

Here’s the clincher: Outreach could send a mystery visitor to Trinity (or to any church that subscribes to the magazine). So how would we do? More significantly, what can you and I do to make that first time visitor’s visit more compelling?

Here are three recent Mystery Visitor columns. You may not always value what these visitors valued, but there is a lot to learn from the point of view of an unbelieving visitor.

mysteryvisitor1 thumb
mysteryvisitor2 thumb
mysteryvisitor3 thumb