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Sermon Prep Pics

I had fun Saturday putting a few pics on Facebook while preparing the visuals for Sunday’s message. For those who are not facebookians, here are the three pics I posted, with a little backstory for each:

There really isn’t a backstory on this one – just typical photoshop manipulation. I found the left half of the picture someplace online and really liked it – especially the light of Jesus streaming through the cracks in the jars. I enlarged the canvas and copied the picture to the left half, used a couple of blurs on it, and then entered the text on that side.

Now this one’s utterly fascinating. It seems that the calligrapher to the Court of St. James (England) had a life-long dream of hand illuminating the whole Bible. Supported by a college and Benedictine Abbey in Minnesota, he retired to a scriptorium in Wales with a team of calligraphers and produced ‘The Saint John Bible’. (site) It’s gorgeous. The page shown is Isaiah 6. Almost the whole Bible is available as a series of large format books (from the store at the site or from

Finally, I was looking for a visual to illustrate ‘reconciliation’. This statue (of the same name) is located at Coventry Cathedral (Anglican) in Coventry, England. The Cathedral was bombed out during the Battle of Britain (1940). The old cathedral was never rebuilt and has been kept in it’s ruined condition as a memorial (a new cathedral was built nearby). This statue, of a husband and wife finding each other across a roll of barbed wire represents both personal reconciliation and the reconciliation of nations. Copies (castings) of the statue have been given to both Germany and Japan. (wikipedia article)