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Trip to Nova Scotia and Pieku

Gail and I are getting ready to go to Nova Scotia.  We leave tomorrow, July 7th, and we’ll be back on the 15th.  Bob Rowley, Superintendent of the Texas Oklahoma District of the Evangelical Free Church will be preaching on the 12th.

Since this blog has been way too serious lately, I offer the following:

There have been a number of contests, recently (especially on the Houston Chronicle) involving haiku, the popular form of three line poetry. I would like to propose a much more elaborate and fun poetic structure, the Pieku.

Details of a pieku:
Line 1 always consists of the same three words: We were singing
Line 2 has eight syllables.
Line 3 has fourteen syllables
Line 4 has eleven syllables
Line 5 has one to three lead in syllables and then 8 syllables
Line 6 is a repeat of the words of line 5, but without the lead in syllables.
Lines 2 through 6 rhyme

As an example of the genre I offer the following, written in the car Saturday afternoon:
We were singing:
Bye bye gotta go now to Frye’s
Gonna get ourselves a hard drive ‘fore the hard drives run dry
Them geeky toys will bring such joy to the eye
So say good-bye we’re going to Frye’s
Say good-bye we’re going to Frye’s

Style points are given for the repetition in line 3 and the rhyme with ‘oys’ in line 4.

I hope it’s obvious, but kudos will be given to the first commenter who quotes the original, very first, pieku.