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Opportunities to Bless Others

Dear Trinity Family;

Our ministry plan this year identifies ‘building community’ as a key goal. One of the ways we do that is to help each other in times of need – and there have been no shortage of needs lately. The purpose of this note is to identify four current needs and ask that you prayerfully consider giving above and beyond your normal church support to help meet these needs.

You’re probably aware of some of these, but possibly not all four:

Reed’s Education. Donna’s illness means that Joshua and Olivia need a good school situation, preferably close to home. The charter school they were in last year was good, but is far away. The commute has been hard on Josh and Olivia, and the drivers who volunteered to help. Therefore the Reeds have looked closer to home, and the kids have now been accepted into the Living Stones (church) school in Alvin. The school has generously offered to pay half the tuition and fees. We need to provide the Reeds with the other half.

Laura’s move. We have been helping Laura with medical and financial needs, and the Lord has really been blessing that. Now, because she has primary custody of her boys, she needs to move to a two bedroom apartment. She has been accepted at an apartment complex here in Friendswood (on 2351) for an August move. We’ll need to help with the physical move, but also with paying for re-carpeting of her old apartment so that she can leave it in the agreed condition.

Walliser’s home. We praise God that so much help has been given to the Wallisers after the rain caused so much damage. The roof has been replaced and a lot of work has been done to repair the interior. However, these repairs involve quite a bit of expense, and there is no insurance coverage. Also, the economy has reduced Jim’s work hours and thus the family’s income. We would like to be able to help with these expenses.

Rask family expenses. Church members and other friends have already been very generous toward the Rasks, but even without medical expenses (which they may not be responsible for) they’ve had to spend significant amounts through this time. We want to be able to provide what is needed.

There are few firm cost estimates associated with these needs, but a back-of-the-envelope calculation shows that the total might be as much as $16,000.

So what are we asking? First, and foremost, that you will seek God to learn if he wants to give you the joy and satisfaction of meeting some of these financial needs. Ask Him how you can help, and how much He would have you give.

Second, give. One way to do that would be to place your check in an envelope and mark it with the specific name of the need you would like to help with. A second way, and our preference, is that you simply mark the check or the envelope ‘benevolence’. This will give us the freedom to use the money where it is most needed in these four situations.

Thanks so much for your prayer and help.

In Christ

Bob DeGray, for the elders