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The Ill Tempered Klavier: Wear Your Wedding Dress

Through a series of circumstances I recently latched on to an album called ‘The Ill Tempered Klavier’ by singer/songwriter Ben Shive. Ben has worked with Andrew Peterson, one of my favorite artists, and that was part of what led me to this album.

As happens to me too rarely, I was totally blown away by the whole album. I have listened to it over and over and virtually memorized all the songs.

As a service to the internet community, I’m planning to blog the words, as best I can decipher them, to the whole album. This entry gives the words to ‘Wear Your Wedding Dress’, which is also in contention for the saddest song on the album.

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Wear Your Wedding Dress, by Ben Shive

Wear your wedding dress today my love
And I will bind myself again to you.
In joy and sorrow come what may, my love
Every day is the day to say I do.

Now come to me my darling, come to me
And lie beside me in the dark again.
Comfort me, my darling, comfort me.
Every day is the day to take me in.

Time is short, and we both know it is.
Today may be my only chance to thank you for your love.

So grieve for me my darling, grieve for me.
Think of me in death and close your eyes.
Then weep for me my darling, weep for me.
Every day is the day to say good-bye.
Every day is the day to say good-bye.