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The Ill Tempered Klavier: Nothing for the Ache

Through a series of circumstances I recently latched on to an album called ‘The Ill Tempered Klavier’ by singer/songwriter Ben Shive. Ben has worked with Andrew Peterson, one of my favorite artists, and that was part of what led me to this album.

As happens to me too rarely, I was totally blown away by the whole album. I have listened to it over and over and virtually memorized all the songs.

As a service to the internet community, I’m planning to blog the words, as best I can decipher them, to the whole album. This entry gives the words to ‘Nothing for the Ache,” which may be the best song on the album. See Ecclesiastes 2:1-11 and James 4:14.

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Nothing for the Ache, by Ben Shive

The world’s a friendly salesman, blowing down the door.
To have is to be happy; what you need is something more.
And they charm you with the package,
And they bleed you with the price.
He can empty out your pockets – can he fill you up inside?

It’s all a lie: there’s nothing for the ache;
the groaning of a heart about to break.
You’ll notice when you lie in bed awake,
Feeling like you’re falling.

And the world’s a pretty harlot when you’re traveling alone.
And a fool could see she’s looking, and a fool would take her home.
‘Cuase her love is so expensive, and her flattery is cheap.
When you’ve gotten what you wanted
And you’re back out on the street.

Then you’ll see there’s nothing for the ache,
The groaning of a heart about to break.
You’ll notice when you lie in bed awake,
Feeling like you’re falling.

And there’s nothing for you here.
Your life is like a mist that disappears,
Fading like a ringing in the ear;
You strain to hear the sound and then it’s gone.

How my heart is bleeding; I cry with every beating.
Tell me why are we born with these souls inside
That burst and break us open?

Why? If there’s nothing for the ache?
No healing for a heart that’s bound to break.
No lover when you lie in bed awake,
And not a hand to hold you.

When the word that won’t deceive
To bring you and meet this burning need,
In the haven of a love that never leaves.
In all your dreams you’re only falling in the arms of God.