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The Ill Tempered Klavier: Do You Remember?

Through a series of circumstances I recently latched on to an album called ‘The Ill Tempered Klavier’ by singer/songwriter Ben Shive. Ben has worked with Andrew Peterson, one of my favorite artists, and that was part of what led me to this album.

As happens to me too rarely, I was totally blown away by the whole album. I have listened to it over and over and virtually memorized all the songs.

As a service to the internet community, I’m planning to blog the words, as best I can decipher them, to the whole album. This entry gives the words to ‘Do You Remember’, a song which I’ve been calling ‘a love song for those married thirty years’ – which my beloved Gail and I will be on June 24th.

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Do You Remember? By Ben Shive

Do you remember how I called you by your name
When we were innocent and tender; tender to the flame.
How I watched you for a moment from across a crowded room
Until you turned as if to notice, and I wondered if you knew.
Do you remember?

Do you remember how we stood so close beneath
the falling awning of September; I was shaking like a leaf.
I pulled a ring out of my pocket and I held your hand in mine.
I rode the roller coaster rocket through the ceiling of the sky.
Do you remember?

Do you remember all the nights you kept me warm
How in the refuge of your laughter I found shelter from the storm.
Now I know that love is faithful, through the changes and the tears
And I will always be so grateful when I look back on those years.
Do you remember?

The years have gone so fast.
And I wish that I could hold you
But you’re slipping through my hands.
Please believe me I’m
Better ‘cause I’ve known you.

Do you remember when the morning fills the sky
How all our darkest dreams surrender to the coming of the light.
When I brush aside this curtain, find you shining like the dawn.
Beyond the ending of this world, we will go on and on and on.