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A Wedding in Washington

On Friday, April 24th my daughter Ruth and I flew (pretty much all day) to Seattle-Tacoma airport. We had been invited to participate in Jessica Graybill’s wedding to Jared Wardle.

Here’s one of the views from the final leg of the flight:

We stayed in a central Washington mock-Bavarian town called Leavenworth (the wedding was in Wenatchee). Here’s Ruth outside the waffle haus where we had breakfast:

The wedding was held Saturday afternoon. It was beautiful, and the music was wonderful. In addition to “Set me as a seal” and “How Beautiful”, Jessica and Jared wrote a beautiful song celebrating their marriage.

Mr. and Mrs. Wardle departed by motorcycle for places unknown. (Though their ultimate destination was supposed to be Mexico – pray that they are not deflected by the Swine Flu scare.)